Brazilian Green Coffee Beans for Roasting


We at Santa Monica Cafe Gourmet would like to thank Mr. Randy J. Wolsten, Chief Roaster of Purissimo Coffee for providing us with cupping results for our specialty green coffee beans. It brings great pleasure to know that we received a cupping score of 83.5

Thank you again Randy!


Cupping Results: Cultivar: 50% Mundo Novo – 30% Catuai Vermelho – 20% Amarelo

Cupping score: 83.5

Espresso roast;  Sweet molasses dry aroma;  dark chocolate, cocoa powder, nutmeg spice;  full bodied;  very little acidity.



We cater to the following

  • Retail
  • Roasting Facilities
  • Coffee Roasters (Medium and Small)
  • Coffee Aficionados
  • Cupping sample available upon request
  • 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs Green Coffee | Home Roasting
  • Wholesale pricing: $315.00 per jute bag (60 kgs)
    • Price per kgs: $5.25 Price per lbs: $2.38
    • Specialty Green Coffee Beans


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