Do it yourself (DIY) Green Coffee Roasting

Santa Monica Jpeg

In today’s segment, we are going to talk about “DIY” for roasting Green Coffee Beans using the air popcorn popper method. Generally, store bought coffee  is stored in a warehouse for months at a time. Coffee that is processed will loose it’s freshness quickly ,therefore roasting your own coffee is the way to go. It not only tastes great but it’s also really affordable. In addition, freshly-roasted coffee is expensive to buy on a daily basis. Rather than spending lots of money on freshly roasted coffee, just buy specialty grade green coffee and roast it yourself! To start off, we will need the following

Air popcorn popper

1/2 cup of Santa Monica Specialty green coffee beans


Measuring cup

Stirring stick

After starting the popper, pour your 1/2 cup of green beans and get roasting. The popper will get hot fairly quick. Take precautions and sir slowly until you hear the first pop. The beans should begin to turn light brown after 3 1/2 minutes. Depending on your preferences, you can stop here or continue for a darker roast. A darker brown  is achieved after you hear the second pop approximately 6 minutes later. Once you’ve achieved the roast of your choice, you want the beans to cool off in the colander. After the beans have reached room temperature they should be stored  in an open container for about 24 to 48 hours.

Roasted beans are at their peak between 24-48 hours, depending mostly on the bean and the roast. The beans emit a considerable amount of carbon dioxide days after you have roasted them. A freshly roasted batch of beans will usually leave a fairly strong odor after the roasting process. In case you did not roast the entire batch of green coffee it is recommended that you store the remaining beans in a cloth or mesh bag and kept in a cool, dry and dark place.

Now, enjoy your freshly roasting specialty green coffee beans,  have fun and be safe!


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