Miami Specialty Coffee ” Los Aficionados”

Santa Monica Jpeg

Specialty Green Coffee from Minas Gerais, Brazil

Miami is known to be the undisputed king for the famous Cuban “cortadito” and “cafe con leche”. The coffee is strong, bitter sweet and can be found in every corner of the city. Today, we have a growing trend called the Specialty Coffee Movement. Coffee aficionados have mastered the art of roasting green coffee beans and offering their delightful talent to the general public. The green coffee is imported from different coffee farms around the world. Columbia and Brazil being the most popular coffee importers, considering that Miami is the gateway to Latin America. Most of the coffee roasters in Miami buy from farms which cultivate premium grade specialty green beans. Specialty Green coffee can be purchased in the standard 60 kilo jute bag or in smaller quantities for home roasting.  Cafe Santa Monica offers both options. Specialty Green coffee for home roasting and bulk orders of specialty green coffee for coffee roasters. Our Fazenda Santa Monica is located in Minas Gerais, Brazil. A city well-known for specialty coffee cultivation. Brazilian specialty coffee is categorized as having low acidity with a heavy body. It’s complimented with sweet chocolate and caramelized nutty flavors. We welcome you to try our specialty green beans, we know you’ll love the taste!

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