Buying green coffee beans wholesale

Santa Monica Jpeg

Santa Monica Cafe Gourmet sells green arabica coffee beans by the bag (Jute 60 kgs). Our green coffee comes from the Machado region south of Minas Gerais Brazil. To place an order, simply go to our contact page.

Why buy from us?

  • We offer wholesale pricing
  • High volume supply
  • Direct warehouse supply | Miami
  • Same day shipping
  • High-quality arabica green beans

Buying green coffee at wholesale prices can help you save money.  Purchasing your coffee at wholesale will increase your profits and reduce your transportation costs. Santa Monica is a bulk supplier of green coffee beans. We offer green coffee at wholesale pricing with value added service.

About our green coffee

Cup notes:  soft nutty flavor with low acidity and a chocolate taste.

Warehouse: Miami – Minas Gerais

ETA: Spot

Bag weight: 60 kgs | 132.27 lbs

Contact us for an updated price list

prazeres da mesa

Green Bean Coffee Wholesaler | Supplier | Bulk provider

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